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I am an enterprising, hard­working, intelligent and dynamic individual with great analytical skill and a passion for excellence. I am a solution oriented and solution provider in the Technology world. I have also got strong skills working with very little or no supervision while delivering to utmost satisfaction. I strongly believe in diverse learning, hence, continuous learning is key for whatever I find myself doing.

As more devices get connected, many problems in Education, Health, Energy, Agriculture, and other sectors are being solved with the use of technology. It’s no surprise how technology has expanded all over the globe and play a big role in these sectors. Passion driven people are rising up to step on the accelerator of this car of Innovation and Technology, driving down the road to its future destination. Being part of this new era of technology is a strong calling.

In my career path as a developer, I am working to be a Machine Learning Expert someday and even work at a large company as a Machine Learning Research Scientist. A Goal getter, A Goal setter. Obstacles flows in but my passion, hard work and determination for what I do keeps me going. And that's why my favourite quote is "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon."

Ruby on Rails
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Web Development

I have strong skills as a full stack developer to blend the richness of html, css, ruby and also javascript to build a dynamic Web Application.

Machine Learning

A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts. - Bill Gates A newbie to Machine Learning using Python, Watch this space!


Mentorship is an indispensable requirement for anyone's growth; not only are skills and experiences shared, but there's a value in the essential examination of one's own work and techniques. If you're a newbie to programming, I am more than glad to help you get started.

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